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Business Interpretation


Different cultures sometimes express the same intention in very different ways.


For example, a Chinese person who wants to be seen as a good host will try to anticipate a guest's preferred drink and order it ahead of time. A "good" guest will drink whatever is provided.

An American may misinterpret a good Chinese host's behavior as being bossy, and if the American asks a Chinese host for a drink that was not provided, the host may interpret the American's behavior as intending to make the host look bad.

OrbisConnex has decades of experience helping US and Chinese-speaking organizations understand their overseas partner's intended meanings and, in the process, keep projects moving along by managing relationships and expectations.

If your organization is preparing to cooperate with a Chinese organization - or the culture gap is getting in the way of forward movement in an existing project - contact us.

Support for projects involving other cultures, including Vietnam, Japan, Korea, western Europe, and India are also available through our strategic partners.

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